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How to chose the mulberry silk comforter

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How to Chose the mulberry silk comforter

Silk quilt; first look at the silk, then look at the quilt to choose a silk quilt; the most important is choosing good silk!

There are four ways of looking at a silk quilt.

The choice of silk quilt(1)

The first look: Have a look at this quilt.

The first step in choosing silk quilts is looking at the quality. If a silk duvet is not visible, even the inner stuffing, there must be some concern about the quality of the inner stuffing and whether the material is faithful.

Substandard, not the correct version of goods, and other issues must be attention.

The second look: look at the white silk - white silk

The color of the silk itself is slightly yellow in white, but not very noticeable. Kind, if a silk quilt is filled with silk "white to shine", we must be careful maybe silk after fluorescent whitener treatment, so that the silk white is abnormal.

The third view: looking at the silk is long!

The bed of good silk bedspread filled with silk must be sufficiently long silk; and silk sufficiently long, pulled by hand, the more uniform filling; layers piled up to form an original "three-dimensional well net" structure, silk on the lower level, the mutual friction between the fibers is sufficiently large to make the silk bedspread is not only sufficient to three-dimensional fluff, and simultaneously the area does not have to "quilt"! At the same time, relying only on the force between the silk fibers, you can maintain the uniformity of the filling inside, the surface does not need "quilting" to fix the silk.

Fourth view: the view of the fabric

Silk quilt silk quilt, look at the silk and then the quilt. After looking at the silk, and finally seeing the fabric material priority, choose natural materials.

In summer, give priority to "Tencel" because it is smooth and cool enough.

In the autumn, winter, and spring, you should give priority to fabrics that contain cotton, because cotton is comfortable enough.

Class A" means that the fabric does not come into direct contact with the skin.

"Antibacterial" means you can sleep in complete safety.

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