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Wholesale 100% 25momme Pure Mulberry Silk Fabric

Special Features and Benefits
• Holistic odor control: functions to prevent microbe-derived odor while adsorbing select, common odorants to maintain
textile freshness
• Smart control polymer: binds silver sufficiently to enable at least 50 home launderings, longer-term efficacy, and improved costto-treat
• Broad spectrum activity: controls numerous odor-causing microorganisms that can accumulate in textiles and fibers from
skin contact and laundering
• Improved fabric color stability down to an application pH of 4.5
• Thermally stable: tolerance up to 180°C during drying over the course of minutes
• Applicable to natural and synthetic fibers via spray, pad, and exhaustion
• Fast and efficient exhaustion
• Compatible with a broad range of woven and non-woven textile additives, including fluorocarbon chemicals, softeners,
antiwrinkle resins, etc.
• Maintains aesthetics of the fabric
• Dermatologically tested; treated articles have outstanding skin tolerance
  • 50 meters

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Product Description

taihu snow silk

Who We Are ?

Taihu Snow Silk Co. Ltd is the leading company of silk home textilein China , located in Suzhou. We are also the first listed silk companyin Suzhou, stock code(838262) Our main products include silk pillowcase,silk eye mask, silkaccessories, silk bedding, silk pajamas , silk quilts and silk items for children. So far, we export silk products to over 50 countries, like the UnitedStates of America, Russia, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, Canada,Danmark, Korea, etc.

OEM ODM service

mulberry garden

Advantage 1:

Taihu Snow has its own mulberry garden of about 79 acres.


Advantage 2:

20+Years expertise, China goldensupplier quality assurance

taihu snow team

Advantage 3:

500+employes.The average length of service is 8years


Advantage 4:

The proportion of R&D spendingfrom2019 to 2021 was 4.46%, 3.53%and 3.84%,respectively.


Advantage 5:

The Major R&D Center, Suzhou,Beijing.The totalnumber of R&D personnel is 55 


Advantage 6:

The company has obtained 3 invention patents and 62 utility model patentsMeanwhile, the company actively participated in drafting 4 national standards1 industry standard and 2 group standards.

Silk production process

hemmed (2)

Those certificates we have 


Professionaland Well-qualified FabricSupplier. 

(Environment ManagementSystem Certificate,FSC,OEKO-TEXBSCI, Emission permit)


Well-qualified and Superb PackagingSupplier.(ISO,FSC,SEDEX,GRS)


Cooperate with quality labeling companies.(OEKO)

taihu snow silk certification

taihu snow silk exhibition (2)

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Phone: +86-13584970970 
Address: No. 2428, Zhenze 318 National Road, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
Suzhou Taihu Snow Silk Co., Ltd.