About Taihu Snow Silk
Taihu Snow Silk Co. Ltd is the leading company of silk home textile in china founded in 2002,located in Suzhou.

We are also the first listed silk company in Suzhou, stock code(838262).

Our main products include silk pillowcase, silk eye mask, silk accessories, silk bedding, Silk pajamas, silk quilts and silk items for children.

So far, we export silk products to over 50 countries, like the United States of America, Russia, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, Canada, Danmark , Korea, etc.
  • Complete vertical silk production chain from silk cocoon to Product
  • Well-established domestic and overseas textile production bases
  • Wide variety of production
  • Co-developer and core supplier for more than 50 world famous brands

Customizable Product Catagory
silk pillowcase
silk eyemask
silk bonnet
Silk Hair Band
Silk Scrunchies
  • Customization​​​​​​​
    Custom-made or personalized all kinds of high quality silk products​​​​​​​
  • Wholesale​​​​​​​
    Regularly release new silk products at competitive price​​​​​​​
  • Design Service​​​​​​​
    Provide exclusive designs based on your own idea, logo or elements.


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Taihu Snow exhibited in Las Vegas

Taihu Snow exhibited in Las Vegas On September 7th, Taihu Snow was invited by Alibaba to participate in the Alibaba-founded exhibition in Las Vegas, USA. The exhibition was attended by all business enthusiasts, B2B professionals and industry experts;

The styles and design trends of silk scarves in 2023

The styles and design trends of silk scarves in 20231. Different styles and how to style silk scarflarge size silk scarfYou can use larger sizes of scarves to create various looks, such as shawls, capes, hoods or belts. Oversized silk scarves make it easy to style stylishly while being super comfort

2023-2024 New customization Comforter of Taihu Snow

2023-2024 New customization comforter of Taihu SnowAccording to the needs of different customers, TaihuSnow's market research and development team developed Silk Lyocell and cotton and other different materials;

The Complete Guide to Mulberry Silk 2023

Discover the Complete Guide to Mulberry Silk, an article that unveils the production, characteristics, and benefits of this exquisite silk. Mulberry silk, sourced from silkworms fed on mulberry leaves, offers exceptional quality. Learn about the traditional production process, where silk threads are extracted from Bombyx mori moth cocoons, showcasing Mulberry silk's smoothness, strength, and vibrant color. The article highlights factors contributing to Mulberry silk's higher price: durability, lightweight nature, and impressive moisture retention. Explore how Mulberry silk differentiates itself from regular silk, considering uniformity, color, texture, price, and scent. Discover the incredible benefits of hypoallergenic, antibacterial Mulberry silk, perfect for sensitive skin. Don't miss its versatile use in bedding, pillowcases, and high-fashion garments.

Ms Cao from Taihu Snow's Overseas Department

I am an experience foreign trade people with more than ten years, as a foreign trade company, I think where to go for the guests to think, to have his mind, our cooperation with customers is actually a win-win relationship

How to wash Mulberry Silk

As one of the most beautiful and luxurious fabrics available, silk has been a key element in our closets. Despite its alluring appearance, cleaning silk can be quite difficult due to its delicate threads, which needs washing with care. However, your silk items can be kept soft and smooth as long as you follow the appropriate method. Discover tips for washing silk here.

Silk Pillowcase vs. Satin Pillowcase: Which is Better for You?

Silk Pillowcase vs. Satin Pillowcase: Which is Better for You? When buying pillowcases, many people often overlook the importance of the material. Silk and satin are two popular pillowcase fabric options. Although they may look similar on the surface, there are some key differences between them.

Silk Pillowcase Wholesale: Key Points to Consider for Bulk Purchasing

Considerations for bulk silk pillowcase purchases: quality silk, specs and sizes, craftsmanship, customization, packaging, transportation, and after-sales service

A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Custom Silk Scarf

Learn how to create your own custom silk scarf with this step-by-step guide. Choose the perfect silk fabric that suits your design, whether it's real silk satin, faux silk, chiffon, muslin, or silk georgette. Design your scarf with creativity, focusing on color palettes, patterns, and originality. Select the size and shape that best suits your preference and purpose. Print your design with a reliable custom printing service, ensuring accurate reproduction and color integrity. Add finishing touches like a hand-rolled or machine-rolled hem, logo labels, hang tags, and packaging. Review a sample before bulk production and enjoy the elegance of your unique custom silk scarf.

The Rare and Exclusive Lotus Silk Scarf: Everything You Need to Know

The Rare and Exclusive Lotus Silk Scarf: Everything You Need to Know People prize lotus silk, a rare and exclusive textile, over conventional silk. The stems of lotus flowers that grow in abundance on Inle Lake in Myanmar make it.Farmers harvest the lotus stems by hand in the rainy season. People co

The Story of Taihu Snow and Ms. Hu

Silkworms and mulberry trees once formed Zhenze in Wujiang District, Suzhou City. It became a market town because the market was prosperous, and it became a town because the city was thriving. Today's Zhenze has gathered hundreds of silk enterprises, painting a picture of "golden flowers taking the

Silkworm Lady From Taihu Snow

Zhou Qin'e, from Zhenze, loves sericulture. Despite retiring, she still does it. She stresses a good environment for silkworms, ensuring fine silk. Zhou Qin'e cares for them diligently, feeding mulberry leaves and handling with care. She weakens silk glue, preserving protein. Her dedication to silkworm well-being reflects commitment to top-quality silk.

Silk Bonnet vs Satin Bonnet: The Ultimate Comparison Guide to Choose What's Best for Your Hair

Silk Bonnet vs. Satin Bonnet: A Comprehensive Comparison What is a Silk Bonnet?A silk bonnet is a specialized headwear made from luxurious silk fabric, designed to protect your hair while you sleep. It serves as a shield against friction, preventing hair breakage, frizz, and split ends. Additionally

Embrace the Elegance and Benefits of Silk Hairbands

Silk hair ties, or scrunchies, are popular hair accessories with benefits for hair care and styling. This article covers their pros and cons and provides care tips.

The production process of silk fabrics

Sorting and softening the cocoonsA silk mill is a factory where cocoons are processed into silk thread. In the silk factory, cocoons are sorted by various characteristics, including color and size, so that the quality of the finished product is uniform. The cocoons must then be soaked in hot water t

The Complete Guide to Satin vs Silk Sheets

The Complete Guide to Satin vs Silk SheetsWhat’s the Difference and Which One Suits You Better?At first glance, satin sheets vs silk sheets can look quite similar with their smooth, shiny fabric and overlapping colors and patterns. But why is there such a big price gap between them?This guide compar

Silk Scrunchies: The Gentle and Stylish Hair Accessory

Silk scrunchies: stylish, damage-free accessory reducing breakage, creases, and frizz. Made with eco-friendly, sustainable silk. Benefit skin, minimize irritation, and improve moisture retention.

The Ultimate Silk Pajama Experience: Tips for Customizing and Buying

Guidelines for selecting custom silk pajama suppliers: benefits of silk pajamas, checking supplier reputation, quality, clear communication, and inspection. Obtain high-quality customized silk nightwear for a luxurious experience. FAQ section covers common queries about silk pajamas.

The Secret Of How Silk Is Made

One of the softest fabrics on the planet, shiny, breathable and comfortable, silk has been a highly prized cloth since it was first harvested thousands of years ago. And despite advances in production methods and new possibilities for cultivation, silk production remains a labour intensive process, and involves a lot of hard work.

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