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Taihu Snow Silk has been the home textile manufacturer of silk quilts, bedding sheet sets, pajamas, pillowcases, and silk accessories for nearly 20 years.

As the first listed silk company on the Beijing Stock Exchange , we have a complete and honest supply chain to control our product's quality, such as our sericulture, silkworm park, production factory, etc. Certified by SedEx and ISO9001. We're dedicated to doing business with our partners sustainably and forming our core values of "respect, quality, and service."Over a decade of experience in mass production and systematic production processes, we have achieved a balance between price and product quality.

Taihu Snow continues to build a more prosperous and mutually profitable partnership with our partners.
pure mulberry silk

TAIHU SNOW silk inherit traditional delicate handwork, combining with modern advanced technology insist on creating superior 100% natural gorgeous silk items to make your life better bring you a unique feeling in classical humanities and fashion.​​​​​​​

mulberry silk pillowcase

TAIHU SNOW is located in Suzhou and has own mulberry garden of about 480 mu, about 79 acres. and our own sericulture base along the Taihu Lake , that is the third largest freshwater lake in China, with the advantage of climate and nature conditions, silkworm could produce the highest quality silk cocoon and silk yarn, also the best finished silk products. We appreciate the best gifts granted from nature.

silk accessories

Launched customized cultural and creative gift boxes for corporate customers such as Suzhou Radio and Television Station, cooperated with Suzhou Museum and Summer Palace to launch "Dream of Jiangnan", and other joint design products .​​​​​​​


  •  pure mulberry silk pillowcase

    Silk, derived from domesticated silkworms, is naturally hypoallergenic,so silk products made from it prevent buildup of dust mites, fungus, mold, and other allergens.
    And one of particular benefits of silk is that it is naturally temperature regulating, which means that in cold temperatures it will keep you warm and in warm temperatures, it will keep you cool, because of this, silk is now used frequently in bedding and relevant products.

  •  mulberry silk fabric

    Momme(mm) is used to measure density of silk fabrics and provide understanding of the quality in a silk fabric, the higher mommie, the thicker of fabric.
    We have 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm in stock and can design base on your requirement.
    And we suggest 16mm and 19mm for accessories, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm for bedding.

  • Silk production originated in ancient China, in around 2640 BC. Legend has it a Chinese princess discovered silk after a silk cocoon fell into her cup of tea. The hot water unravelled the cocoon, and she managed to pull out a silk fibre that was several metres long.
    It is no secret that silkworms make silk, and leaves of mulberry trees feed the silkworms, and their diet is what helps them produce the luxurious silk fibres.

  • We are born with high levels of HA, which is partly responsible for the plump, “baby-soft” feel of infants’ skin that we begin
    to envy as we age (as well as the strong, healthy joints of our youth).
    Over time, we lose our ability to retain Hyaluronic Acid due to a number of factors—both hereditary and environmental.
    This loss can cause sagging or wrinkled skin, achy joints, and so on.
    In other words, after a while, our little moisture sidekick starts needing some support … and that’s where our tech comes in.

    We also have silver ion that add in silk fabric, this fabric contains silver ions to help reduce acne and inflammation caused by bacteria. Silver ion technology is proven to reduce acne-causing bacteria by 99.97%, helping your skin gain its glow back. Our white pillowcases are infused with silver ion.

     Hyaluronic acid silk pillowcase
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