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Silk Duvet

Silk Duvet wholesale

As a Leading Silk group in China since 2002 (Stock code:838262) 

we specialized in the silk area for nearly 20 years and passed factory audits by SGS, SedEx, etc. 

Besides we support OEM/ODM service and also have our brand and granted top 10 brands in China.

So we see quality as our core value, whatever fab, trim, packaging, we always choose high quality for our products. 

1) Our major products include 4pcs silk bedding sheet sets, silk quilts, silk pillowcases and silk accessories.

2) We have our sericulture and our silk farm,  full and honest supply chain, from silk farm, sewing&packing factory, EMB line ...

So we can well-controlled our quality from initial silk yarn to finished products.

3) All our silk products are 100% OEKO-TEX certified and Eco-friendly in 6A grade. 

4) We support customized for our partner, from design products, trim, packaging ...

5) Our products 100% inspection

6) We support after-sales service


  • Bulk price: $30-$100/Negotiable

  • Fabric: 100% grade 6A mulberry silk(16mm/19mm/22mm/25mm)

  • Colors: Ivory white/Black/Pink/Beige/Navy/Baby blue/Purple/Green/Rose gold/Grey/Red/Customized colors

  • Size: Twin/Full/Queen/King/Customized Size

  • Certified: OEKO-Tex Standard 100 Certification

  • Multiple Benefits: Super soft, incredible cozy, and smooth yet breathable, infused with hydration to delivers intense long-lasting moisture keep skin and hair healthy, anti aging; anti-allergenic, no shifting perfect for allergy suffers.

  • Sales Models: Wholesale/Sample

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Contact Us
Phone: +86-13584970970 
Address: No. 2428, Zhenze 318 National Road, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

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