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How to wash Mulberry Silk

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How to Wash Mulberry Silk

As one of the most beautiful and luxurious fabrics, silk has been a critical element in our closets. Despite its alluring appearance, cleaning silk can be tricky due to its delicate threads, which need careful washing. However, following the appropriate method, your silk items can be kept soft and smooth. Discover tips for washing silk here.

Precautions for different washing methods:

SILK (2)

Unwashed silk fabrics: excellent luster and shine.

SILK3 (2)

Many wrong ways of washing

If the washing method is not correct, the fabulous mercerized fibers that are bent during the washing process become abraded, and this is the cause of "white streaks."

White streaks are irregular, like dendrites, and are not caused by poor dye fastness but by improper washing.

Why do silk fabrics have gray scars?

Graying of silk fabrics is a normal phenomenon.

During the dyeing and finishing process, We have taken various measures to prevent the generation of graying of silk. Still, users will generate graying as long as they wash the silk products.

A slight gray injury will not affect the strength of the fabric but will affect the luster. When washed, the silk fibers absorb water to bend, the silk surface by the mirror reflection into a diffuse reflection, and the brightness will naturally diminish, which is the natural performance of the silk water absorption and air permeability.

Slender silk pigment, in the washing process, the silk surface, the silk surface and mechanical friction between the equipment very quickly occur scattered head phenomenon.

Due to the scattering of the silk head is very fine, the number is very high

The naked eye can not distinguish between the specific silk head; the surface looks furry gray.

Because the fluff is very short and delicate, it is more apparent when viewed against the light but less noticeable in the morning, called gray damage. Under the same degree of gray damage, the darker the color, the more apparent.


That's why we need to pay attention to different techniques in different cleaning methods:

How to Hand Wash Silk

Wrong way of washing, hands vigorously scrubbing

silk 5

Irregular white streaks on the surface of silk with varying depths

The Right way to wash mulberry silk:

Hand washing your silk items at home is the safest way to clean them. Follow the instructions.

If spot, treat any stains on the silk. Blot the stained silk with cool water or diluted vinegar.

Fill a basin with lukewarm to cool water and the recommended dose of a mild detergent. Soak silk items for at most 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, empty the basin and refill cool water mixed with¼ cup of white vinegar, then rinse. The vinegar will help remove any excess soap and alkalinity.

Next, add a few drops of fabric conditioner to soften the silk.

Drain the water from the basin, and rinse the silk in cool water.

Use a towel to absorb the excess water from your silk garment, but do not rub or agitate it.

Lay the silk on a fresh towel to dry flat, or place the silk on a hanger rack. Take care to avoid sunlight.

How to Machine Wash Silk

1. Wrong way of washing one, using the wave washing machine washing

silk 6

Irregular, dendritic white streaks on the surface of silk

2. Wrong washing mode 2, non-gentle washing in the drum washing machine

silk 7

Irregular, dendritic white streaks on the surface of silk

3. Wrong way of washing 3, a single tube of multi-piece washing

silk 8

Irregular, dendritic white streaks on the surface of silk

The Right way to wash mulberry silk:

If your silk items care label does not specify "dry clean only" or "hand wash only," machine wash can be allowed. Here are recommended tips.

l Place silk items inside a mesh laundry bag to avoid the shearing and tearing of silk fibers caused by the drum.

l Choose a cold and delicate cycle on the washing machine with a maximum water temperature of 30°C.

l Select a recommended dose of pH-neutral detergent. Follow the instructions on the label.

l Tumble dry in a fantastic setting if using a drying machine. Avoid drying for extended periods.

l lay the silk out on a fresh towel to dry flat or place the silk on a hanger rack. Take care to avoid sunlight.

How to Store Silk

For everyday storage, hang silk items in your wardrobe on fuzzy hangers to prevent silky things from slipping. Use a wide bar to hang pants across the legs or a clip hanger on the bottom hem. For longer-term storage, remember that moths love to feast on natural fibers like silk and wool, so always clean clothes before putting them away for the season.

While reading the fabric care label from your silk items to check washing instructions before washing them, you should remember the following rules.

Never wash silk with chlorine bleach. It will damage natural fibers.

Keep silk away from alcohol-based products such as perfume and hairspray.

Avoid heat and sunlight. This can stain silk and keep it faded or yellow over time.

Tumble dry in a relaxed setting if using a drying machine. Avoid drying for extended periods.

A pH-neutral, non-enzymatic, non-biological detergent or detergent specially designed for delicate materials will ensure that silk items are gentle during washing.

Iron when slightly damp using a relaxed setting. Always iron on the inside.

Test your silk items' color-fastness before washing. Dab inconspicuous areas on the silk with a damp white cloth. If the color bleeds, take it to a professional cleaner instead of hand or machine washing.

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