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Silk Washing and Maintenance

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Silk Washing and Maintenance

Silk Washing

1. Use a neutral detergent and hand wash.

2. 5L of about 30 degrees of warm water, add about 18mL of silk detergent mixture, the silk fabric to be washed into the wash, soak 10-15min, after rinsing gently rubbed, and then dry in the shade.

3. Do not expose to sun to prevent the color, elasticity and feel of the fabric is affected.

4. For localized stubborn stains, take a little detergent and apply it to the stain, rub gently and then put it in water to wash immediately.

5. Silk fabrics will become softer and fluffier after acetic acid treatment, and will have a smooth shine, so when washing silk garments, a small amount of white vinegar can be added to the final water to improve the look and feel.


1. Silk comfort ironing temperature of 160 ~ 180 degrees, ironing the best choice of steam iron.

2. Use a pad of wet cloth steam, water spray or half-dry ironing method.

3. half dry in the back of the direct ironing is easier to operate, such as ironing the front need to pad wet cloth, so as not to cause yellowing or discoloration caused by too high temperature.

4. Satin silk fabrics easy to rub hair should be ironed on the reverse side. Velvet silk fabrics should be steam-ironed to prevent the downy hairs from falling out. The ironing time of thin silk fabrics should be short, and the force should be light and even. Quercus silk fabrics should not be spray ironed. This will cause water stains.

Care and Maintenance

1. Avoid contact with rough and sharp objects to prevent snagging.

2. Contact with sweat-stained silk pajamas, silk scarves should be washed and changed regularly so as not to reduce the strength of the silk by the salt in the sweat.

3. Collection of washing, drying and folding flat should not be hung for a long time to avoid the fabric hanging elongation.

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How to wash and care for silk (4)

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