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The Third Introduction to Fabrics - What are Natural Fiber Fabrics?

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The Third Introduction to Fabrics - What are Natural Fiber Fabrics?

Classification according to the source of raw materials: natural fiber fabrics, man-made fiber fabrics

Natural Fiber Fabrics: 

Fabrics made from fibers obtained directly from nature or artificially grown plants and animals. Common, such as cotton, hemp, wool, silk and so on.

Chemical fiber fabrics:

natural or synthetic polymer compounds produced by chemical processing of fibers as raw materials woven fabrics. Familiar with regenerated cellulose fabrics, polyester, polyamide and polypropylene fabrics.

Cotton fiber fabric's central performance:

What are Natural Fiber Fabrics (1)(1)(1)

① suitable dilution and breathability, comfortable to use.

② soft touch, good warmth.

③ Good heat and light resistance.

④ Poor elasticity, easy to wrinkle.

⑤ Poor acid resistance, good alkali resistance.

⑥ Poor resistance to microorganisms, easy to form mold.


Classification of cotton fiber fabrics:

According to the different methods of printing, dyeing and finishing processing, it can be divided into the original color cotton fabric (original white), bleached cotton fabric (bleached white), dyed cotton fabric, printed cotton fabric and colored woven cotton fabric.

According to different fabric organization, it can be divided into plain fabric, twill fabric and satin fabric.

What are Natural Fiber Fabrics2

Plain fabrics: the main characteristics of primary materials are the use of superficial tissue, the fabric surface is flat and structurally stable, better abrasion resistance than the exact specifications using other tissues of the material, and high strength but lack of elasticity. (Commonly used in canvas bags)

Twill Fabrics: The essential feature of twill fabrics is to use different twill organizations so that the surface of the material shows a long line of warp or weft floating sequential arrangement and the diagonal grain. The warp and weft yarn density of twill fabrics is generally greater than that of plain fabrics; the weave is thicker and softer than that of plain fabrics, but not as wear-resistant as that of plain fabrics. (Fabric surface effect such as "cool little lotus")


Satin fabric: Satin fabric warp or weft yarn has a long floating line covering the surface of the material; the material is smooth and soft, shiny, dense and delicate texture. (Fabric effect such as Tmall "60S cotton quilt cover")

cotton quilt cover

What are Natural Fiber Fabrics (1)(1)

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