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What is Textile Fibre

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First introduction to fabrics - What is textile fibre

Definition of textile fiber

Usually, the diameter is from a few microns to tens of microns or slightly thicker. Objects whose length is many times (thousands of times, or even more) more significant than their diameter are generally called fibers.

*Common ones include silk fiber, cotton fiber, polyester fiber, wool, hair, etc.

classification of textile fibers

Classification of fabrics

Classified by processing method: woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, non-woven fabrics

  • Woven fabric: a fabric made of yarns arranged vertically and interwoven according to specific rules on a loom.

  • Knitted fabric: Fabric made of yarn woven into loops. (It can be divided into warp knitting and weft knitting.)

  • Non-woven fabric: a fabric made by bonding or sewing loose fibres.

Classification of fabrics

Representative fabrics: Liang Xiaohe, Qixing Chuncocoon quilt, etc.

Representative fabrics: summer short-sleeves, underwear, etc.

Representative fabric: Silk quilt nonwoven protective layer

Classification by yarn raw materials: pure fabrics, blended fabrics, interwoven fabrics

  • Pure woven fabric: The raw materials that make up the fabric are yarns of the same fiber.

  • Blended fabric: A fabric made of two or more different fibers.

  • Woven fabric: Fibers made of yarns composed of different fibers in the warp and weft directions.

Representative fabrics of pure textile fabrics: cotton fabrics

The representative fabric of blended fabric: Liangxiaohe fabric

Usual fabrics of interwoven fabrics: /

first introduction to fabric

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