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Silkworm Lady From Taihu Snow

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Silkworm Lady MS Zhou From Taihu Snow

My name is Zhou Qin'e, 66 years old this year, is a native of Zhenze;

I grew up watching my parents care for mulberry plants and silkworms, which inspired my love for sericulture. After joining their production team, I transitioned to become an elementary school teacher. I taught my students about sericulture, which was a fascinating subject to share with them.

After I retired, I still engaged in sericulture until now!

Silkworms are raised in a good place; the environment must be good like us Zhenze is located in the southwest of the Wujiang and Zhejiang Nanxun border;

since ancient times, there is a "Wu Tou Yue Tail," known as "Wu Tou," is located on the shores of the Taihu Lake, where we have thousands of acres of mulberry gardens, the water is good air is good, the suitable silkworms spit out good silk, good quality of cocoons, and therefore the abundance of silk production.

Every morning I will go into the silkworm room to patrol.

Silkworms have a short lifespan of 46 days, with only 25 days for cocoon production. They need attentive care during this period.

the most difficult to raise is the age of silkworms, just hatching out of the black and tiny, like ants called ants silkworms. I had to put on my presbyopes and pick up a magnifying glass to see it.

To feed silkworms, use young leaves from the top third of the mulberry branch. Cut them into one-centimeter squares and sprinkle on the silkworms' bodies.

Silkworms are very delicate and fragile; the hand can not touch, can not be grasped, and can only use goose feathers to move them gently. When the silkworm babies eat mulberry leaves, they should be covered with an excellent film to retain the moisture of the mulberry leaves.

When they enter the dormant period, they should be sprinkled with lime to keep the silkworm seat dry.

To produce healthy and sound silk cocoons, remove any dormant silkworm babies and ensure proper drying. Silkworms are hygienic and produce pure silk protein.

Suitable cocoons produce good silk for a top good satin, and silk quilt. After selecting an excellent cocoon to cook cocoon, cook the cocoon fire and time must be grasped.

To preserve silk's strength and flexibility, its glue must be weakened without harming the protein. Making a silk quilt involves drying a top-notch cotton pocket that's been cut beforehand.

Then pull loose and stretch, and then layer by layer, probably more than 20 layers, so a bed of silk quilt core is almost good. Finally, turn over the quilt and sew the silk and tire cover together to avoid running out of tires.

To make a bed of five pounds of silk quilt, almost tens of thousands of cocoons.

Taking care of silkworm babies cannot be replaced by machines.

I take care of silkworms with dedication, feeding them, cleaning their environment, and keeping them warm. My goal is to raise them well and produce high-quality silk. Their well-being is my priority.

The ancient poem said, " Good quilt, Spring silkworms to death, silk is not exhausted, the baby silkworms entrusted their lives to us, I must live up to them.

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