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2023-2024 New customization Comforter of Taihu Snow

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2023-2024 New customization comforter of Taihu Snow

According to the needs of different customers, TaihuSnow's market research and development team developed Silk Lyocell and cotton and other different materials; 

below are the series of new products developed this year to meet customer needs for customization:

   1           Silk Comforter Series
   2           Lyocell Comforter Series
   3           Cotton Comforter Series

Silk Comforter Series

Silk quilt for the customer's high-end clientele.

2023 Taihu Snow 14 new silk quilt; you can adjust the picture if you have other needs.

silk quilt

A silk duvet is a type of quilt with silk filling. It is usually filled with filament silk and covered with an outer layer of natural cotton or silk. Silk comforter are known for their lightness, softness, warmth, and breathability, providing the ultimate sleeping experience.

  • Warmth: Silk is a natural insulator, keeping you warm in cold weather.

  • Breathability: Silk has excellent breathability to keep you cool in warm weather.

  • Lightweight: Silk duvets are lightweight and comfortable without feeling heavy.

  • Soft: Silky to the touch and kind to the skin.

Silk comforters can range in price from $215 to $855. 

Silk comforters are a good option for people with allergies or sensitive skin because silk is naturally hypoallergenic and has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Silk duvets are an excellent option for people with allergies or sensitive skin because silk is naturally hypoallergenic and has antibacterial and antifungal properties. 

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Lyocell comforter Series

The Lyocell quilt family is for the mid to high-end customer.

This type of customer is more concerned about the concept of environmental protection but also the pursuit of quality of life. At the same time, the budget is low; this lyocell quilt can be a perfect choice!

2023 Taihu Snow 14 new lyocell quilt; if you have other needs, you are also welcome to customize the image

lyocell quilt

What is a lyocell comforter ? Lyocell duvet is a bedding product whose filling is made of a natural fiber called Lyocell, made from wood pulp, making it an excellent environmental choice. Lyocell duvet provides a comfortable sleeping experience with soft, moisture-wicking fibers that regulate body temperature in all seasons. A set of queen-size sheets costs between $100 and $300.

Ideal for consumers who are environmentally conscious and comfortable. Consider brand, quality, size and fill when choosing and following cleaning and care maintenance guidelines to ensure long-term use.

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Cotton comforter Series

Cotton duvets are more economical and durable and tend to be more affordable. Prices range from $24.99 to $99.99. It also keeps you warm. It's ideal for those on a budget and looking for something more affordable;

Taihu Snow, this year's new cotton series of quilts, styles and colors, a better look at Amazon and other platforms are also better, but also more suitable for wholesale customers to open up the market!

Below are Taihu Snow's new cotton quilt series products this year; you are welcome to customize other new styles;

cotton quilt

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