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Taihu Snow exhibited in Las Vegas

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Taihu Snow exhibited in Las Vegas

On September 7th, Taihu Snow was invited by Alibaba to participate in the Alibaba-founded exhibition in Las Vegas, USA. The exhibition was attended by all business enthusiasts, B2B professionals and industry experts;

Our exhibited products were silk quilts, silk pyjamas and silk bedding.


silk quilt

Silk Quilt

silk quilt jpg

Quality has always been the priority of Taihu Snow.

20720 cocoons are carefully selected, then they go through 36 processes,32 layers of stacking,90 needle positioning and 10 quality inspections.

It takes 69 days to make one silk quilt of high quality.

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Taihu Snow adopts the new technology of non-polluting manual netting in the whole process.

Original wall-net structure fixed around


Purely hand-made and it will not be knotted or shifted for long-term use

It has a zipper inspection opening of 80cm, allowing consumers to inspect the quality of silk in all directions.

silk quilt

Silk Pajamas and Silk Bedding Set

Suzhou Taihu Snow Silk Co., Ltd12

Explore our collection of 100% silk sleepwear. We offer men's and women's pyjamas in a variety of styles and sizes at affordable prices. Crafted from pure Mulberry silk, our sleepwear is known for its elegance and versatility.

For more information, please contact us for a catalog.

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