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The Fifthly Introduction To Fabrics - Pattern Presentation on Fabric

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The Fifthly Introduction To Fabrics - Pattern Presentation on Fabric

The methods of presenting patterns on fabrics are jacquard, printing, embroidery and embossing.

Definition of jacquard: the fabric is made up of warp and weft threads that are interlaced to form a concave-convex pattern.

Definition of print: a pattern or design printed on a textile, etc.

Definition of embroidery: needle and thread embroidered on fabric in a variety of decorative patterns of the general term.

Jacquard is divided into small jacquard, large jacquard (cut flower is one of the large jacquards).

Small jacquard: the pattern in the fabric was presented in the form of horizontal and vertical.

Representative of Taihu Snow products: Mulberry Time

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Large jacquard: The pattern is based on complex and varied flowers and various design styles.

Representative products of Taihu Snow: Xinzhu Series

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Cutting: Based on a jacquard, the effect of a heterochromatic jacquard is presented by changing the colour of the weft yarn and the organisation of the pattern to be protruded. Representative products of Taihu Snow: wedding quilt.

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